【Pharmacist Compounded】Naphazoline and chlorpheniramine solution A (Nasal Spray 25ml)




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Naphazoline and chlorpheniramine solution A

 Naphazoline and chlorpheniramine solution A is good for sneezing, mucus, nose jamming by a function of naphazoline hydrochloride and chlorpheniramine maleate and is working collunarium.


Cannot do it

(a current symptom worsens when we do not protect it, and a side effect becomes easy to occur)

 Please do not do long-term therapy



  1. The next person, please talk with a physician or a pharmacist before use

(1) The person who is treated by the physician.

 (2) A pregnant woman or the person who seems to be pregnant.

 (3) The person himself or a family is the person of the allergic constitution.

 (4) The person who has had an allergic symptom by medicine.

 (5) The person who received the next diagnosis.

   Hypertension, cardiac disease, diabetes, dysfunction thyroid, glaucoma


  1. In the case of next, we cancel use promptly, and, please talk with a physician or a pharmacist with this document

 (1) After use, when the next symptom appears

Site concerned



Rash, redness, itch


Fine weather, irritation

 (2) When a symptom does not improve even if we use it for around three days



The palliation of next symptom due to acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis: Nose jamming, mucus (excessive nasal discharge), sneezing, heaviness of head (a head is heavy)


An ingredient and effects

We include the next ingredient in 100mL.


In 100mL


Naphazoline hydrochloride


We improve allergic or inflammatory mucosa hyperemia, swelling.

Chlorpheniramine maleate


We show antiallergic action.



A preservative.




Purified water

Proper quantity



Dosage regimen


Dosage regimen

Adults (15 years old or older)

It sprays six times a day on 1-2 times of intranasal after chewing nasal discharge for limit well every 3-4 hours.

Children younger than 15 years

Do not use it.

Attention> associated with the <dosage regimen

(1) Please adhere rigidly to a dosage regimen.

(2) We may rather have nose jamming when we use it excessively.

(3) Please use it only for rhinenchysis.


Safekeeping and attention in the handling

(1) Please keep it tightly in the shaded dry cool place.

(2) Please keep it out of reach of children.

(3) Please do not replace it to other containers.  (it causes the misuse, and a quality changes.)

(4) Please do not share it with other people.


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  1. In use, please read explanation documents carefully.
  2. Please keep it tightly in the shaded dry cool place.
  3. Please keep it out of reach of children.


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